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tv   News  ABC  October 11, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we're following breaking news this morning. and this is especially difficult to tell you about. we're talking about five people four children one adult, their grandmother, all killed in a house fire. >> yeah, this happened in northeast baltimore at a home not far from thurgood marshall high school. it's been breaking news throughout the day on "good morning maryland." and we have team coverage for you today. >> we're going to twin with charlie crowsonson. -- begin with abc2 news' sherrie johnson. what can you tell us? >> we're here in northeast baltimore. some of the fire trucks have actually started to leave here. the fire start about 2:00 this morning and we've been talking to for thes. we have investigate -- firefighters. we have investigators on the scene and still looking to see what caused the fire. you know they're thinking it might have started in the basement but they don't have an exact cause.
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now it happened here at 5601 denwood avenue. in northeast baltimore. five people were killed in this early morning fire including a grandmother and her four children. her four gap children. when crews arrived they found intense flames and people jumping out of the windows. the bodies were found on the second floor of the home. police had to detain one man because he was so distraught over the deaths he was trying to go back inside the home. but officers had to stop him. two firefighters were injured. one firefighter fell from the second floor to the basement and landed on another firefighter. they have nonlife-threatening injuries. you know it's been is very difficult morning for family members, family and friends have lined the streets and blankets pacing and crying. just a very emotional morning. and here's what one family member had to say. >> everybody just thinking like
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-- why? everybody couldn't get everybody out of the house safe like you know. last thing my grandmother said was how you know, my grandmother was in the room with all the kids. and nobody could get them out. it's too much smoke. >> reporter: now we talked to fire investigators and they say that they -- the house did have smoke alarms. they did have smoke alarms but right now, investigators are not sure if those smoke detech who ares were actually working. if you remember not far from this home, two other fires involving molotov cocktails have happened. i asked firefighters about this and they tell me right now, during their preliminary report, there's no indication that this would be connected in any such way. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. all right, let's talk about the cool temperatures. that's what we've been dealing with all morning long. we can see arnold at 46 degrees and arbutus 44. and really chilly in glenwood at 41-degrees this morning.
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so as you step out the door break out the big coat once again. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. it will stay that way as we go throughout the day. no need for the umbrella. we can see plenty of sunshine in the forecast. as we check out your planner, we'll start you out at 8:00 still chilly with the temperature at 47 degrees. by lunchtime, we'll be at 58 degrees. warming up but still quite cool and then the high temperature of the day will come at 3:00 where we we will be dealing with mostly sunny skies and 61- degree then we will cool back down. 56 degrees maybe head up to new york? a good game there as well. let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren cook: good morning. what do you have? no accidents just yet lynette. pretty clear right now on the interstate 70 you're taking a live look just west of the beltway. traffic moving right along no delays from columbia pike all the way over to 695. check in and take a live look at the northwest coronetter of
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the beltway. not the same case. no delays on that inner loop through pikeville though. traveling the beltway up to 83 no delays whatsoever. a typical 11 minute ride right now. if you are using 95 to get downtown right now just a 15 minute ride. everything nice and normal if white marsh all the way into the city. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. a school bus driver's quick thinking helped prevent a tragedy. >> he collapsed behind the steel and steven tells us what happens -- wheel and steven tells us what happened next. >> reporter: it turned into a horrifying ride to school last friday. heading down the winding rural roads which lead to clarksburg school something suddenly happened to the bus driver. >> his head yeah sunk over. straight over. like you know -- he got knocked out. >> reporter: the bus then careened out of control. students on board recount how the driver though incapacitated managed to bring the bus to a stop just before slamming into
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a utility pole. the 17-year-old dustin was on board. >> i was shaking when i -- went up to him. and i picked up the bus radio and i told another student to call 911. >> actually one kid helping the bus driver off the bus. >> reporter: don watched from the front yard. he said it would have taken out the utility pole which he thinks could have led to tragedy. >> these are all electric. and right on the bus. >> reporter: as for dustin, he says he didn't do anything special. he just tried to help someone in need. >> i don't look at myself like a hero; just did what i thought was right. >> reporter: as for the bus driver no word on his condition. they are investigating the accident. >> that was steve reporting. also this morning, we are following a developing story out of colorado. a body has been found near the home of the missing 10-year-old girl jessica ridgeway. >> she disappeared last friday while walking to school and police say it's going to take some time for a positive
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identification. >> we've got three sources now telling abc news that investigators have reason to believe this is the body of the 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. >> also on keel keep you posted -- we'll keep you posted. a construction worker trapped in the rubble for 12 hours pulled out alive. you see the roof of a parking garage under construction clapped at miami-dade college yesterday afternoon. two people died inside. they say that eight others were hurt in the incident. well, it may be your teenager's favorite pop star but he is also a favorite for thieves. >> stay with thus morning, we're going to tell you what justin bieber has to say about some thieves took some personal items. >> who would steal a goat? wait, who would steal a goat and then give it a makeover? >> not me. you don't look at me like that. we'll be right back and tell you what happened here. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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pop icon justin bieber may have become the target of thieves, the biebs said someone stole some of his belongings, you know i love stories about the biebs. this is his show going on in washington state. >> what is the world coming to? justin bieber posted on the twitter account that he and his tour manager became the victims here. bieber said that he had a computer and a camera taken during his concert. it happened in washington. and he had this advice to offer respect other people's property. justin bieber currently performing around the united states. it's part of his believe tour. all right, so one unemployed man is now promising to send you to the super bowl but only if you can help him find a job. chuck low is spending time on the streets in broken arrow, oklahoma advertising the offer. he said it's been hard and positive feedback from drivers helps keep him motivated and moving forward. >> you're stating on annoying -- sitting on a negative day
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and it's cold. it doesn't seem that somebody cares. you know, you hear way to go man! you know like oh thanks. thanks you know. appreciate that. thank you. >> now this is not the first time low's tried a stunt like this. last spring you may recall because we told you about this on "good morning maryland," he was offering the hawaiian vacation for anyone who would help land him a job. >> hopefully he'll find one. benefit people in both ways. stay with us this morning, many of you, you've had them in your medicine cabinet and wondered what do i do with all the expired meds? after all have they even expired? >> does that mean they're not effective? not necessarily. we'll explain. >> also you are looking forward to winter but you may not be when you hear new information about hachure heating bill is going -- how much your heating bill is going up. >> the temperatures coming in below average. i'll tell you how long this trend sticks around. >> well, lynette traffic is really starting to slow down here on 695 at old court road and there are accidents across
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the region. i'll have all the details coming up. >> we have a deadly house fire right now in northeast baltimore. here's a live look at the scene. we'll bring you more on this tragedy coming up next. 3q
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good thursday morning, i'm megan pringle and this is your abc2 news to go. >> yeah, i'm charlie crowson. a check of the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles is where we begin. >> good morning everyone. the temperatures are chilly this morning. good morning columbia, 45 degrees right now. we do have some very dry air. the dew points in the 30s. bone dry. more of the same in sykesville 42 degrees, don't leave the house this morning without that coat. that temperature coming in below with the dew point of 33. the winds are light out of the northwest right now at about 3 miles an hour. and owings mills temperatures is at 40 degrees with a dew point coming in around 36 degrees. so maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. and it will stay that way as we go throughout the day. we're going to get lots of sunshine in here. make sure you enjoy your day. change is coming. but not so quickly. i'll have those details coming you but look at the planner. as we head into lunchtime today 58 degrees a great day to get out there and maybe run the
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errands going to the post office. 61 degrees into the afternoon and mostly sunny skies. this temperature coming in well below average. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well traffic is really starting to pick up. we are dealing with several accidents across the region. trouble in baltimore county with a crash right on mount caramel road at 83. fortunately the harrisburg expressway no delays there. in downtown baltimore dealing with another accident along the southbound lanes of 395. at mlk. and unfortunately the problems persist in northwest baltimore. where there's another accident on liberty heights avenue at calloway avenue. if you are traveling 695 do expect heavy delays on the west side of the beltway. a live look here at old court road. we have another accident on the outer loop at liberty road. do give yourself extra time because it's going to be jammed driving down to loop 40. the look at the beltway in parkville. but that outer loop sluggish up towards providence road. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you.
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right now following breaking news this morning. five people killed in a house fire, four of them children. >> this happened in northeast baltimore. we've had team coverage throughout the day for you on "good morning maryland." so let's go back now abc2 news' sherrie johnson. she's there on the scene for a number of hours and what's going on out there? >> reporter: it has been is very difficult morning here. just a very sad time. you know we are here in northeast baltimore and you can see behind me here some of the fire trucks are still on the scene here. they're starting their investigation into what happened with the fire. five people were killed in the fire including a grandmother and four small children. the fire started about 2:00 this morning at 5601 denwood avenue. when crews arrived they found intense flames and people jumping out of the windows. nine people were in the home when that fire started. about four of them made it out safely and five ores did not. the bodies were found on the second floor of the home. police had to detain one man because he was so distraught over the death of his mother he
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was trying to go back inside that home but they actually had to put handcuffs on him to stop him to keep him out of the house for his own safety. two firefighters were injured. one firefighter fell from the secondthe basement and hasn'ted on another firefighter. we are told that they have nonlife-threatening injuries. and their going to be okay. -- they're going to be okay. right now again investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire and they believe it might have started in the basement area. and right now, linda so is here joining me live here. linda, just a very difficult morning all the way around for firefighters and family members. just distraught and devastated this morning. >> reporter: devastating. i mean you just have to imagine what it's like for the family. they're a very tight-knit family. we have about two dozen family members just waiting outside because some of the bodies are still in the midding waiting to be take -- building waiting to be taken. the victim was the grandmother 55-year-old nancy worrell.
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she lived here with her husband and adult children and grandchildren. four of the grandchildren died in the fire. the youngest was a 1-year-old boy and there was a 2-year-old girl. a 4-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl. that girl went to moravia park elementary school. we're told all of the children were sleeping upstairs in the same bedroom when they died. in the living room, the mother of the 2-year-old and 4-year- old boy. she was sleeping with her 2- month-old baby boy when the fire stated. she tossed -- started. she tossed the baby out of the living room window. the grandfather jumped from a second floor window. we're told he broke his back and suffered third degree burns all over his body. he was taken to johns hopkins bay view burn center. you've just got to imagine this was such a difficult time for them. a very emotional time for them. >> a very heart warming and lovely lady. she'd do anything for anybody. it's just crazy. we don't know what happened.
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if somebody did this to them -- it's just who would do that? five little children like -- they don't even make sense. >> i got up my phone -- [ indiscernible ] >> that was five kids that died. five kids. >> reporter: so again, the grandmother, 55-year-old nancy worrell. she died in this fire along with her four grandchildren. ages 1 to 7. we're told this family did not have home insurance. they literally lost everything in this fire. if you want to help out we're told family members will be around the house here on denwood avenue all day. again, there was a 2-month-old baby boy who escaped and several family members who also escaped. the family is also trying to set up a fund because they'll need that money for all the burialing they'll be dealing with in the coming weeks. but again, a grandmother, a 55- year-old woman, with her four
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grandchildren, they died in this fire. we're live in northeast baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. it's been a tough night for city firefighters. their thoughts are also with two of their own burned in another overnight fire. this one near mount carmel cemetery. also a firefighter had third degree burns to his arms. both were taken to the bay view center to be checked out. in harford county firefighters managed managed to get this one under control pretty quickly. they were sent to the scene around 5:30. one person was taken to a hospital with serious injuries and officers are still investigating the cause of the fire. a fire this morning on the beltway take a look at this. a car that was engulfed in flames and this happened near the liberty road exit. around 1:00 this morning. no word yet on what caused this fire. or whether or not anyone was hurt. all right, do you find yourself sometimes throwing out all the medications because
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they're past their expiration date? you may want to hold off at least for a little while because those meds, they may still have some power to them. listen to. a new study finds that some drugs are still good 40 years after their expiration dates. researchers tested two drugs, aspirin and amphetamines and they found that most of the active ingredients they actually maintained their potency over all thatime. researchers say that most drugs expire one to five years after they're made. but if we prolonged their shelf life it could actually save patients hundreds of dollars every single year. now that study is published in the archives of internal medicine. >> 40 years? >> wow. legalizings same sex marriage in maryland is one of the biggest issues coming up in november for the ballot. today students from the university of maryland are expected to rally in support of question 6. senator ben cardin and miser are going to be speaking at the event and a handful of other state
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lawmakers will attend the rally. teaching jobs are now making a come back. this comes after public school hiring rose this summer to its highest level in six years. school districts added nearly 80,000 jobs through july through september. one reason for the hiring boom is the gov ruts are starting -- government budgets starting to recover. well, get ready to pay more keeping warm this winter. the cost will use heating oil is going to go up 20% than it was last year alone. homes with natural gas are expect to pay 15% more. and analysts say the increase is mostly due to the colder weather being predicted now for the coming winter. all right i know a lot of you do want to see some snowfall too early to talk about that. but this morning you definitely do want to take a coat right lynette? >> you said it melt began. it is cold out there this morning. look at the temperature in ellicott city. 42 degrees, westminster 41. 45 frederick and bowie 44-
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degrees this morning. 46 degrees right now in chesapeake beach. chestertown 46 degrees and denton at 47. so the coat is needed. we see bel air this morning. well, we are looking at mainly clear skies right now. and that's going to translate into lots of sunshine. as we head throughout the day. my challenge to you, try to find a cloud as we go through time. as we look at the winds they are beginning to dry down a little bit. they will continue to be out of the northwest at about 5 to 10 miles an hour as we continue through the morning. and we're also looking at high pressure for today and this is what's going to keep those clouds at bay. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine along with keeler temperatures duh even cooler temperatures behind the next front that rolles in on friday. this is what we're dealing with today. the temperature by this afternoon 61-degrees and mostly sunny skies and if you're heading up to the yankees stadium. this is what you can contend with. 56 degrees. the winds will be out of the west at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. a good game for some baseball. the seven day forecast brings plenty of sunshine as we go into saturday and even sunday
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as the ravens will play the temperatures go up to 71 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. hopefully tonight's game has a better outcome. >> exactly. >> best of luck to the orioles. unfortunately we have several accidents trouble aloss the regionment right now there's a crash in baltimore county right on mount carmel road at 83. and in downtown baltimore, a crash on 395 just moved to the southbound shoulder at mlk. the big problem is the beltway. a live look at the west side here at old court road the outer loop extremely jammed. that's due to the accident at liberty road that's blocking one lane at this time. you are look at a 16 minute right now from 95 down to interstate 70. the beltway in parkville inner loop nice and clear but the outer loop sluggish up to providence road. okay, so a goat got a pedicure all thanks to possibly a drunk woman. workers at a petting zoo in
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california say surveillance video caught the young woman jumping the fence and snatching the goat. >> we noticed that our goat was gone. so i started panicking and called the copping to find out if they -- cops to find out if they found a goat. we noticed that somebody actually climbed over the fence and took the goat. chasing the animals around and they were definitely intoxicated. >> 911. yeah, someone stole my goat? [ laughter ] >> cute. she doesn't need a pedicure. look at that little face. >> it was a pink pedicure. workers say the goat wasn't harmed but when asked the goat said it didn't want to go for the ride again. >> i bet. all right a shoutout this morning from the baby boomers senior expo. we were out there going on at the state fairgrounds and i have a long list of shoutouts. indulge me? they love you. they love you. they love you. >> a lot of love. >> they tolerate me. so to gene, sarah, gail, fay and dr. dorsey, thank you for getting up with us every morning. and keep watching abc2 and "good morning maryland." >> we're going to send you off to "good morning america," have a great day and we will have a
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news, weather and traffic update for you in the next 30 minutes. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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